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Saturday October 1, 2016

Birchmount Stadium

Senior (11v11)

9:00 amANB Futbol (U20F):FC Durham Blue (U20F)BIRC - Turf


10:45 amUSC Academy (U16F):ANB Futbol (U16F)BIRC - Turf


12:30 pmToronto Skillz FC (U20M):FC Durham Academy (U20M)BIRC - Turf


2:15 pmBryst FA (U16F):FC Durham Academy (U16F)BIRC - Turf


4:00 pmFC Durham Academy (U14F)vTBD U14F 2BIRC - Turf


St. Joan of Arc HS

Mini (7v7)

10:30 amPower FC Green (U10X)vBryst FA (U10X)SJA - Mini


12:00 pmANB Futbol Blue (U10X)vPower FC Black (U10X)SJA - Mini


1:30 pmANB Futbol White (U10X)vIFC (U10X)SJA - Mini


3:00 pmIFC (U9X)vBryst FA (U9X)SJA - Mini


4:30 pmPower FC White (U10X)vMapola FC (U10X)SJA - Mini


Junior (9v9)

9:00 amToronto Skillz (U13M)vBryst FA (U13M)SJA - Junior


10:30 amToronto Skillz (U12X)vBryst FA (U14F)SJA - Junior


12:00 pmUSC (U13M)vPower FC Green (U13M)SJA - Junior


1:30 pmPro Stars FC (U13M)vPower FC Black (U13M)SJA - Junior


3:00 pmSigma FC - D2 (U12X)vFC Durham Academy (U13M)SJA - Junior


4:30 pmFC Durham Academy (U12F)vBryst FA U11F (U10X)SJA - Junior


Et. Centennial

Senior (11v11)

9:00 amRVDL Lions (U14M):Power FC (U14M)EtC - Turf


10:45 amRVDL Lions (U15M):Rush Canada (U15M)EtC - Turf


12:30 pmToronto Skillz (U17M):Sigma FC - B2 (U17M)EtC - Turf


2:15 pmToronto Skillz (U16F):Rush Canada (U16F)EtC - Turf


4:00 pmSigma FC - B1 (U20M):Rush Canada (U20M)EtC - Turf


Hershey Centre

Senior (11v11)

9:00 amPremier SI (U14M):Pro Stars FC (U14M)HER - #2


10:45 amFC Durham Academy (U14M):IFC (U14M)HER - #2


12:30 pmPower FC (U16M):IFC (U16M)HER - #2


2:15 pmSigma FC - C1 (U16M):Eurostar Lions (U16M)HER - #2


4:00 pmUSC Academy (U14M):Eurostar Lions (U14M)HER - #2


Bishop Reding SS

Mini (7v7)

10:30 amMapola FC (U9X)vRush Canada Blue (U9X)BRS - Mini


12:00 pmRVDL Lions (U9X)vLondon FA (U9X)BRS - Mini


1:30 pmRush Canada White (U9X)v1v1 Soccer FC (U9X)BRS - Mini


3:00 pmPro Stars FC (U9X)vLondon FA (U9X)BRS - Mini


4:30 pmUSC (U10X)vLondon FA White (U12F)BRS - Mini


Junior (9v9)

9:00 am1v1 Soccer White (U12X)vFC Durham Blue (U12X)BRS - Junior


10:30 amIFC (U12X)vRush Canada Blue (U12X)BRS - Junior


12:00 pmPower FC Black (U12X)vLondon FA White (U12X)BRS - Junior


1:30 pmTBD U12F (U12F)vLondon FA Girls White (U9X)BRS - Junior


3:00 pmIFC (U13M)vEurostar Lions (U13M)BRS - Junior


4:30 pmBryst FA (U11X)vIFC (U11X)BRS - Junior


Courtney Park

Micro (4v4)

10:00 amPower FC White (U8X)vRush Canada (U8X)CP - Turf M1


10:30 amRVDL Lions White (U8X)vPro Stars FC (U8X)CP - Turf M1


11:00 amPower FC White (U8X)vRVDL Lions Orange (U8X)CP - Turf M1


12:00 pmPower FC White (U8X)v1v1 Soccer FC (U8X)CP - Turf M1


12:30 pmRVDL Lions White (U8X)vPower FC Green (U8X)CP - Turf M1


2:00 pmFC Durham White (U8X)vUSC (U8X)CP - Turf M1


2:30 pmIFC (U8X)vKBFC (U8X)CP - Turf M1


3:00 pmIFC (U8X)vFC Durham Silver (U8X)CP - Turf M1


4:00 pmFC Durham White (U8X)vToronto Skillz Red (U8X)CP - Turf M1


4:30 pmFC Durham White (U8X)vMapola FC (U8X)CP - Turf M1


10:00 am1v1 Soccer FC (U8X)vPower FC Black (U8X)CP - Turf M2


10:30 amPower FC Black (U8X)vANB Futbol Blue (U8X)CP - Turf M2


11:00 amANB Futbol Blue (U8X)vPro Stars FC (U8X)CP - Turf M2


12:00 pmPower FC Black (U8X)vRVDL Lions Orange (U8X)CP - Turf M2


12:30 pmANB Futbol White (U8X)vRVDL Lions Orange (U8X)CP - Turf M2


2:00 pmToronto Skillz Red (U8X)vFC Durham Blue (U8X)CP - Turf M2


2:30 pmFC Durham Blue (U8X)vBryst FA Red (U8X)CP - Turf M2


3:00 pmBryst FA White (U8X)vMapola FC (U8X)CP - Turf M2


4:00 pmFC Durham Blue (U8X)vMapola FC (U8X)CP - Turf M2


4:30 pmBryst FA Red (U8X)vKBFC (U8X)CP - Turf M2


10:00 amANB Futbol Blue (U8X)vRVDL Lions White (U8X)CP - Turf M3


10:30 amRush Canada (U8X)v1v1 Soccer FC (U8X)CP - Turf M3


11:00 amRush Canada (U8X)vPower FC Green (U8X)CP - Turf M3


12:00 pmANB Futbol Blue (U8X)vPower FC Green (U8X)CP - Turf M3


12:30 pmPro Stars FC (U8X)vPower FC White (U8X)CP - Turf M3


2:00 pmBryst FA Red (U8X)vIFC (U8X)CP - Turf M3


2:30 pmUSC (U8X)vToronto Skillz Red (U8X)CP - Turf M3


3:00 pmKBFC (U8X)vFC Durham White (U8X)CP - Turf M3


4:00 pmBryst FA Red (U8X)vFC Durham Silver (U8X)CP - Turf M3


4:30 pmUSC (U8X)vFC Durham Silver (U8X)CP - Turf M3


10:00 amRVDL Lions Orange (U8X)vPro Stars FC (U8X)CP - Turf M4


10:30 amPower FC Green (U8X)vANB Futbol White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


11:00 am1v1 Soccer FC (U8X)vANB Futbol White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


12:00 pmRVDL Lions White (U8X)vANB Futbol White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


12:30 pmRush Canada (U8X)vPower FC Black (U8X)CP - Turf M4


2:00 pmMapola FC (U8X)vKBFC (U8X)CP - Turf M4


2:30 pmFC Durham Silver (U8X)vBryst FA White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


3:00 pmUSC (U8X)vFC Durham Blue (U8X)CP - Turf M4


4:00 pmIFC (U8X)vBryst FA White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


4:30 pmToronto Skillz Red (U8X)vBryst FA White (U8X)CP - Turf M4


CaraCo Field

Senior (11v11)

1:15 pmKNSA (U14M):Mapola FC (U14M)CARA - Turf


3:00 pmKNSA (U17M):FC Durham Academy (U17M)CARA - Turf


Sunday October 2, 2016

Country Day School

Senior (11v11)

9:00 amANB Futbol (U16M):Toronto Skillz (U16M)CDS - Centre


10:45 amANB Futbol (U20M):Power FC (U20M)CDS - Centre


12:30 pmPremier SI (U20F):FC Durham White (U20F)CDS - Centre


2:15 pmToronto Skillz (U17M):FC Durham Academy (U17M)CDS - Centre


4:00 pmFC Durham Academy (U16F):ANB Futbol (U16F)CDS - Centre


5:45 pmANB Futbol (U14M):Rush Canada (U14M)CDS - Centre


7:30 pmIFC (U15M):ANB Futbol (U15M)CDS - Centre


St. Joan of Arc HS

Mini (7v7)

9:00 amUSC (U9X)vPower FC White (U9X)SJA - Mini


10:30 amFC Durham Academy (U9X)vPower FC Green (U9X)SJA - Mini


12:00 pmFC Durham U10F (U9X)vToronto Skillz (U9X)SJA - Mini


1:30 pmFC Durham White (U10X)vPro Stars FC (U10X)SJA - Mini


3:00 pmFC Durham Blue (U10X)vRush Canada (U10X)SJA - Mini


4:30 pmPower FC Black (U9X)vANB Futbol Blue (U9X)SJA - Mini


Junior (9v9)

9:00 amPower FC Green (U12X)vANB Futbol Blue (U12X)SJA - Junior


10:30 amANB Futbol Blue (U11X)vToronto Skillz (U11X)SJA - Junior


12:00 pmPro Stars FC Blue (U11X)vPower FC Black (U11X)SJA - Junior


1:30 pmMapola FC (U12X)vANB Futbol White (U12X)SJA - Junior


3:00 pmPro Stars FC White (U11X)vMapola FC (U11X)SJA - Junior


4:30 pmBryst FA (U12X)vFC Durham White (U12X)SJA - Junior


Senior (11v11)

6:15 pmFC Durham Academy (U16M):Pro Stars FC (U16M)SJA - Turf


Bishop Reding SS

Junior (9v9)

10:30 amRVDL Lions (U12X)vRush Canada White (U12X)BRS - Junior


12:00 pmRush Canada Blue (U11X)vPower FC Green (U11X)BRS - Junior


1:30 pmRush Canada White (U11X)vFC Durham Academy (U11X)BRS - Junior


3:00 pmANB Futbol (U13M)vRush Canada White (U13M)BRS - Junior


4:30 pm1v1 Soccer Blue (U12X)vLondon FA Red (U12X)BRS - Junior


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